It's finally spring and summer is around the corner which means... allergies and an extra oily ass face. I have used blotting paper before but blotting paper doesn't do that much for me so that was a nono. Then there's the famous Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder which was amazing, honestly one of my fave products of all time. But for some reason I always end up losing my Mineral Powder (lost it 2 times already) so I decided to pick up the Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder. And oh my I think I like the Etude House one more than the Innisfree. 

This product claims to control sebum and refines pores for a fluffy and soft skin while mattifying your face. 

Look and feel
The packaging is very simple using the colors white and light baby blue. It has a twist cap which makes it sturdy. There's not much to say about the packaging it's just very practical. The thing I really like tho about this product is the cushion guys. The cushion for application is sooo soft, like really soft. 

The product does it job perfectly and I like how my face feels after applying this powder, very soft and matte without dry patches. I use it every single day I go out and retouch it about 3 times from 10 am till 12pm (I have a really oily face so this is not much for me).

How do I feel about this product?
For $7 this product does everything it claims to do. It mattifies and leaves the skin feeling super soft. Easy to use and good durability. What I like about this product is that it doesn't leave any dry patches compared to my Innisfree one. The cushion is also much softer and even tho the packaging doesn't really make a difference the baby blue color of the cushion makes it a bit aesthetically better. So if I had to choose between the Innisfree No Sebum and the Etude House Zero Sebum powder I would choose the Etude House all day every day!

Long lasting
Easy to use
*5 max

I keep spoiling myself with more and more lip products, there is just no end to it. Lately i've been leaning more towards lip tints than lipsticks, because tints stains your lips and after a while it looks quite natural. So for a lazy girl like me it's definitely less work reapplying it. I decided to try out the Color Lasting Tint from Aritaum and picked up a nude color. I loved it so much so I had to get more colors and that's how I ended up with 3 tints to review!

So Aritaum has to be one of my favorite Korean makeup brands. They've seriously never ever disappointed me. Their mono eyeshadows are my favorite and I use it every single day + their lip products are just too good. And I haven't even talked about the prices because gurl it's hella cheap for the quality you get. The lip tints are $7 on Ebay and they have 15 colors to choose from. I got #01. Nude Coat, #09. Tangerine Girl and #15. Gotham Red. Curious how they look like? Keep on reading :)

Look and feel

The packaging is really simple, shiny black with the lip color at the top. This gives it a little bit more fun instead of an all black look. It's also easy to hold and it feels good in your hands. It has a teardrop applicator which I find the most easiest way to apply tints. 


It dries up glossy and stains your lips really well. The color payoff is amazing and you'll only need one coat. You can go both ways with this product, a full lip color or gradient lips. 

#01. Nude Coat

#09. Tangerine Girl

#15. Gotham Red

How do I feel about this product?

The consistency of this product feels more like a lacquer than a tint. It's definitely thicker and not as watery, which is totally fine by me since I like my lipsticks to be more thicker than watery. Overall the color payoff is just really good, like one coat is enough and it sits on your lips for quite a while + staining it. The color does transfer quite easily but it fades toward a more natural color so I do recommend using a lip balm then because it settles into your lip lines. 

Long lasting
Easy to use
*5 max

I'm hooked and definitely gonna pick up more colors! What about you guys? Would you try these babies out for only $7?
Guess what? I'm getting back on track with my Youtube account! Starting off with a new series called "Outfit Diaries" where I show my OOTD's in more detail. I decided to do this as an addition to my blogposts, so that my readers can see my outfits a bit better. Hope you guys like it and if you do, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel :) Here's the first part of the series. Sadly I didn't have enough photo's for this look to write a blogpost about, so forgive me!

I'm really getting into streetwear again, especially sneakers. My obsession for them has been revived and I can't wait to get my hands on a new pair! I'm currently eyeing the new Nike Air Max 90's Woven ones, but they are so damn expensive. But hey, they haven't released woman sizes yet so nothing to worry about right. 

I did get a new pair of sneakers tho. They are from Asics and it's the Gel Lyte 3 from the Maldives pack and oh my god the color way is just gorgeous. These are my very first pair of Asics but definitely not my last one. They're the perfect sneakers for spring and so comfortable to walk in. Here's how I style these Asics. 

Outfit details || Cropped top, Monki || Khaki Blouse, Zara || Long Trenchcoat, Bershka || Boyfriend Jeans, Forever 21 || Tote Bag, Overkill || Sneakers, Asics || Necklace, Forever 21 || Belt, Primark.

So I rarely wear circle lenses because most of them look really creepy on me, they are either too large or they look really fake. But I really wanted to try out these 1 day circle lenses since they look way more natural compared to other lenses. was kind enough to sponsor me these lenses. The fact that they were sponsored tho won't effect my judgement in any way and this review will be a 100% my honest opinion.
Pinkicon is a large Hong Kong based store that sells not only circle lenses but also makeup, fashion and more. They have a wide range of circle lenses so there will always be a pair that you'll like. Their lenses are quite affordable + they offer free worldwide shipping so it's safe to say that this is one of the cheaper shops compared to others. Shipping was surprisingly quick as well so at this point I was quite satisfied and impressed. 

So I got the 1 day lenses from a brand called Select Fairy in the color Street Brown. Like I said before I really like lenses that are really, really, reallyyyy natural and to be safe I got a color that matches my eye color the most which is brown. 

*picture from

Select Fairy 1 Day Street Brown (1 Box contains 10 lenses)

Manufacturer: Select Fairy 
Place of origin: JAPAN
Duration of use: 1 Day
Overall diameter (DIA): 14.2mm
Graphic diameter: 13.5mm

Okay first of all I love the color of these lenses. They match my eye color so well but there's still a hint of a brighter brown color that I really like. None of my friends even noticed that I had lenses in but they did compliment me on my eyes. The lenses are also softer in comparison with other lenses because they are for 1 day use only. 

Color and design 5/5:
It's a really pretty brown color that is slightly lighter than my own eye color but it matches so well. The design of these lenses help with blending in with your own eyes to make it more natural. I gave it a 5 out a 5 because the brown is slightly more noticeable but not in your face. It's just the perfect combination between natural and a twinkle in your eyes (if you guys know what I mean).

Comfort 4/5:
The lenses are softer than other lenses that I tried so I already expected these lenses to be comfortable af. The only thing I had was that I could feel  the lenses a lot in the beginning but I think I got used to it and after a while I just forgot about it. I went clubbing with these lenses so I had them in for about 15 hours and at the end of the night I was just so tired that I wanted to rip them out of my eyes.

Enlargement 2/5:
These lenses don't enlarge your eyes, they do make your eyes look slightly bigger. Which is perfectly fine with me but if you're looking for enlargement then these are not the lenses you're looking for. 

My overall opinion is that these lenses are made for people that want to have a little twinkle in their eyes but still want to look natural. The fact that these lenses are only for a day is super convenient as well. I mean you can just trow them away after a wear, you don't need to put them in a lens case or anything. Plus, if you're like me and don't wear lenses a lot than 1 day lenses are a better choice for you.

Kisses, Diana.

Finally the sun decided to visit this cold and small country bringing with it some warmth. I'm so happy to wear summer clothes again since it's my favorite season of all seasons. PLUS I've lots and lots of free time now since I'm done with this school year (except for my internship), so you can definitely expect more blogposts and Youtube videos :) Starting with this OOTD.

Outfit details || Cropped top, Mixxmix || Skirt, Mixxmix || Bagpack, Vietnam || Shoes, Adidas || Watch, Daniel Wellington || Sunglasses, Yesstyle || Socks, Primark.

Back at it again with the irregular posts. I know it's been a long ass time, and I sincerely missed blogging. I was just too busy with school, work and my internship that's coming up that I don't even have the time for a decent life. And add moving out to that list. Yes, that's right. Your gurl finally has her own place :). Anyways since I'm gonna be an intern at an auction house soon, I thought it would be a great idea to blog about some stylish work outfits. The outfits are all gonna be super comfortable so you'll probably wanna buy some items after reading this blogpost ;).

Comfortable work pants.
Pants are a lot comfier than skirts, since skirts tend to be a bit tight. Being able to move freely, do whatever you want, sit however you want while working is a major bonus point as well. Betabrand is a webshop that carries a lot of super comfy clothes, including work pants. The fun thing about Betabrand is that the customers are also the designers! Some of my favorites are:

These pants are high-waisted and are not as tight as high-waisted jeans. This is all thanks to the yoga pants like material. Pair this with a white loose blouse tucked into your pants for that office look. Heels are not even needed here because the high waist already elongates your body, so if you can wear sneakers please do!

If you're in the mood for some heels, I strongly suggest a cropped dress pants to pair it with. I don't know about you guys, but I have a thing for showing off my ankles. You can say that showing my ankles is also part of my style :) Go for a taupe color and combine it with a comfy t-shirt for a casual look.

Adding jeans to your work wardrobe is no problem, but not in the mood for skinny jeans? Try boot cuts or flared jeans instead, your lower legs will love you for this one. Pair this one with heels and keep your top simple so your jeans can take the spotlight.

I have a thing for blouses. They are comfortable and look chic and casual at the same time! They are so versatile and a must-have in your work wardrobe. If you work in a professional environment and don't want to wear the same blouses over and over again, then pay attention because I'm gonna show you some cute ass blouses.

A printed blouse
Had enough of those standard white blouses? Then try one out with prints on them. This adds a more cute and sweet vibe to your outfit. Here I have another one from Betabrand. It has blue birds on them and the sleeves are cropped giving that cute feel to it. And don't think that you'll look childish, just pair it with a high-waisted pencil skirt or some comfortable dress pants and you're ready for work!

Loose blouses
My ultimate favorites, oversized loose blouses. They are sooooo comfy and stylish at the same time. You can pair it with almost everything. If it's oversized enough, wear it as a dress. Going for a more sophisticated look? Then pair it with some jeans and heels. Seriously a must-have of all the must-haves. 

Tired of searching and matching clothing pieces? Almost late for a meeting but still want to look presentable? No worries, just put on a dress! 

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Play with accessories here to complete your look.

Blouses/sweaters combined with dresses
Another thing I like with dresses is when you combine them with blouses or sweaters. I just love the way it looks. It feels kind of reserved and preppy but I'm all in for that goodness. 

You'll definitely see me strolling around the office in these outfits, how about you? Leave me a comment in the comment section down below and tell me about your ultimate must have for work.

Loves, Diana.
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